■ Biography

Enayat Asadi is a freelance photographer based in Iran.
In 2017 he started professional photography self-taught.

He is in search of discovering the fundamental issues of human life and tragedy.
His concentration in photography is on social justice, human rights, and mental issues.

From 2017 to 2019, following the aftermath of the Afghanistan war, He began photograph Afghan immigrants and covering issues of illegal immigrants for his project “Rising From the Ashes of War”.

From 2019 to 2020, He worked on his project “Hard Land” about Bakhtiari nomadic women in the Zagros mountains of Iran and imaged their strength and rich culture in front of the violence they suffer in difficult and far from welfare conditions.

From 2021 to now He is working on an ongoing project “Survivors of Death Row” about people who are convicted murderers and were sentenced to death.

As a photographer he believes the artist’s duty is to make connections between things, by making a bridge from the past to the present moment and then to the still-awaited future through his photographic experience.

■ Awards

2017- Selective in the Native & Everyday Projects Mentorship Program in the Native Agency
2018- Winner of 2nd place in Istanbul Photo Awards in story news
2018- Recipient of the W. Eugene Smith Fellowship
2018- Finalist of the Philip Jones Griffiths Award
2019- Winner of 3rd place of the World Press Photo contest in Contemporary Issues – singles
2019- Finalist of Leica Oskar Barnack Award
2019- Finalist of Photography 4 Humanity Award
2019- Winner of 1st place the conflict of the Direct Look photo contest
2019- Winner of 2nd place single in LensCulture Black and White Photography Award
2020- Winner of 2nd place series in LensCulture Exposure Award
2020- One of the winners of the May 2020 Allard Prize Photography Competition.
2020- Accepted to be part of the 32st edition of the International Festival of Photojournalism “Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan“ in a screening show
2021- Recipient of the Pulitzer Center Grant
2022-Finalists of the LensCulture Black & White Awards

■ Published Works

2019- Publishing a photo of a project about Afghan refugees called “Rising From the Ashes of War” in the 6Mois Magazine
2022- Publishing a photo collection of Bakhtiari nomadic women called “Hard Land” in the NPR News.
2022- Publishing a project called “Survivors of Death Row” in the Guardian Newspaper.
2023-Publishing a project called “Survivors of Death Row” in the Courrier Japan Newspaper.
Enayat Asadi