Rising From the Ashes of War

This is an alternative history that can help us comprehend the lives and struggles of refugees. There are still limitless stories that have yet to be told or discovered.
The project is on the migration of a wave of Afghan refugees into Iran. They have been forced into trafficking by illegal traffickers due to the bitter and severe consequences of several years of violent conflict, insecurity and poverty.
Afghanistan has the most refugees after Syria all around the world. By 2015, more than 1.3 million people have requested defection from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and nearly 90,000 children, half of them Afghans, did this trip alone. For two years, I have been photographing the story of human trafficking in Iran’s most strictly secured areas. One of the most deadly migrations in the world is happening on the eastern border of Iran, as thousands take a route through the mountains. They are exposed to plunder, kidnaping, rape and death – and one of the biggest dangers for immigrants is getting arrested by Iranian police, after which they would have to choose whether to go back to Afghanistan or be sent to Syria to war. To portray their lives, this crisis, and the conflicts that led to this migration (and how to go on living in their new communities) are the main goal of my project.
Despite all the hardships that the refugees lived with over the years, and the dangers they face to achieve a better place to live, and despite the unknown future that awaits them, there is one goal in their mind, and it is to survive, and hope is the only thing that I saw in them.